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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

How do you care for your mental health? In order for us to have enough reserve to care for our kids (especially those with some special needs). we must put ourselves on the list. It isn't selfish it's necessary. I am not only talking about pedicures and massages, although those are awesome, they just aren't realistic for me to afford them on a regular basis, I am talking about a consistent self care routine.

Here are some ways I have utilized to care for myself, (some are contradictory, but some days I need to wake up early for my mental health and some days I need to sleep in):

*daily walk in the sunshine to matter the temperature

*getting out in nature

*reading inspirational words


*getting up early

*sleeping in/taking a nap

*showering and getting ready

*staying in my comfy clothes and staying home

*going to lunch with close friends

*eating nutritious food

*eating a yummy treat

*drinking plenty of water

*drinking a Diet Coke with pebble ice

*date night with my spouse

*movie night with my kids

*alone time daily (I'm an introvert and need it daily to recharge)

What is your regular self care routine and why is it important to you?

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