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Wonderful Counselor

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The last couple of weeks I have been studying the different names of Jesus Christ that he is given throughout scripture. The one that has jumped out at me, grabbed my attention and has quite honestly made me weep is “Wonderful Counselor”. 2019 has been one of my hardest years ever. The challenges have come in waves, several have been enormous tidal waves that have nearly taken me under. Throughout the year we have seen multiple therapists and counselors. I have pled with God to find the right one that can help us fix our problems. Perhaps due to my own pride and quite honestly anger over some of these challenges I have not completely surrendered the tidal waves to the One who has the true power to calm my storm. I don’t believe He will take them away as I know these storms are tailor made to refine and tutor me. However I do know he has the power to truly listen, give me strength and give me the insight I need to navigate the hurricane I sometimes find myself in. I have said before that I can be the eye of the storms when they come. However I have that all wrong, my Savior Jesus Christ is the eye I need to seek for so he can calm my troubled heart and lead me through as I cling to his strength. Merry Christmas as we celebrate the gift of a baby who is truly the greatest counselor, our strength and greatest hope we have in our challenging and difficult storms in life.

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