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Daring Greatly

This is the quote that inspired Brene Brown to publish her research, do a TED talk and share her genius with the world. It inspired the title for her book Daring Greatly that I have been reading and pushed me forward with the courage to finally make the leap and Fight like a Mother for this podcast. Today I want to share some of my journey with you.

A year ago is when the idea for a podcast entered my mind. It took hold and hasn't relented for more than a few days even when it seemed impossible due to life circumstances. The name Fight like a Mother suddenly popped into my mind and literally gave me chills...then the self doubt came, it's too edgy, it's not who I am, I need to tone it down, what will people think? But NO...any mom who has had to fight for her kids gets it. When I told our family therapist the name, he got chills. When I tell other moms who are struggling, they nearly almost always say, "OOOOH I love that, I totally get it." This podcast quite literally named itself and is indicative of what I have had to do to make this a reality.

After I had the name and website and thought I was well on my way, life slammed me. This last year has been probably my most challenging I've ever faced. From what now seems like a minor inconvenience of my laptop crashing TWICE and needing to be replaced, to a woman who felt the need to berate and belittle me and use my deepest pain to hurt me to my core, to judgement and accusations from many, to daily phone calls from the school, to most of my children suffering with their mental health, to my own depression and crippling anxiety, to my husband losing his job, to a suicide attempt and hospitalization for my son to so many other circumstances that are too private to share.

Nevertheless....she persisted, and fought like a mother and the reason is you. This blog is bigger than me, this is for all the parents who are barely treading water and keeping it together. This is for all the parents who get criticism and judgement from even well meaning loved ones who think they know better but don't walk your painful path. This is for parents who need someone who gets it and need to find a community of like minded people and most importantly nonjudgmental support . This is for those parents and youth leaders, teachers and coaches who need resources and information to help the kids they desperately love but don't know what to do. This is for those parents whose relationship with their kids is shot and they need new tools and skills and to radically change the way they parent and to be given PERMISSION to do so.

I cannot end this without giving a shout out to my sweet husband. He plucked me out of the mire of paralyzing self doubt and fear and he made this happen. He took over the technology aspect of this that was weighing me down and became my editor in chief and producer. He is remarkable and allows me to lean on his belief in me when my doubts cloud my mind and fear creeps in. Working on this goal together has been healing and energizing for our marriage. Working through our most challenging parenting experiences has been extremely challenging at times, we have fought with each other and fought together and worked our tails off to be united and grow together. Our marriage has been tested through and through and yet here we are persisting and loving and growing unitedly.

I also must pay tribute to my Heavenly Parents who gave me the inspiration and creativity for this idea, stayed with me every step of the way throughout this most challenging year of my life, have never given up on me and have nudged me along patiently and lovingly to do this. They have placed people in my path who have never given up on me, who have cheered me on, many of whom I've never met in real life, only on social media.

So here it comes, Fight like a Mother podcast. It isn't perfect by any means...but it is done and is a work in progress. I am valiantly in the arena, my face is dusty and sweaty and bloody, it is my offering to the world for community and resources for our incredible kids and their parents who struggle.

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