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It's here!!! Podcast is going live soon!

I'm so so excited to announce that my podcast Fight like a Mother is going LIVE August 5th! The podcast will mainly focus on providing education, resources and community for parents raising kids with mental health issues. However it will be fantastic information for all parents and anyone who works with children, teachers, church leaders etc. Not only will we be talking about mental health, we will also discuss family connection (which is an antidote for mental health challenges), best parenting practices for kids with challenges and important self care practices for parents raising kids with extras. My other goal is to provide a community of nonjudgemental support for parents. This can be an isolating and lonely journey.

I will have three episodes for you to listen to on August 5th. There will be new episodes always on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. There will be bonus episodes nearly every month on different days.

My podcast has been a true labor of love and a passion project. Due to some life circumstances and many obstacles, sometimes it felt like it might never happen. However, thanks to my sweet husband who plucked me out of self doubt and overwhelm it is happening! Dave is my podcast editor and producer haha. I am so excited for this to be happening. Stay tuned, I have amazing guests scheduled and cannot wait to share them with you!

You will be able to listen on any of your favorite podcast apps...Apple, Spotify, stitcher etc. You will also be able to listen right from this website. Check the podcast tab above on august 5th, I will also have show notes and links available with each episode.

Please join this community of parents who may struggle to find "their people" who understand the unique challenges that come from loving and advocating for kids with the challenges of mental health. I cannot wait to get to know you better. Also if you have topics you would like discussed, please comment below or email me at

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