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Mother’s Day, not Martyrs day...

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Who else loves Dolly? Can’t you just hear her saying this?? A week from tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I’m going to talk a bit bluntly and real. What are you doing to prepare to have a wonderful day?? WHAT? Isn’t it your spouse/partners and kids responsibility to plan to make sure you have a wonderful day?? No my friends, it is Mother’s Day, not martyrs day. Expectations are resentments waiting to happen. Put them away and create your own experience.

Have you communicated what you would like to have happen? Have you talked about gifts you would like, food you want to eat etc? It’s nobody else’s job to make us happy, or to create a perfect day. I have seen too many women over the years say things like, “He better do this or that, get me the right gifts and fix me the right food and do nice things...” without communicating with anyone about their desires. It then makes it easy to play the victim/martyr when they don’t get what they expected. When I started communicating and creating my own happiness is when I stopped the expectations and could just live in gratitude for the sweet things my family was doing for me. Maybe you want time to yourself, then on Saturday plan something for yourself. Maybe you have really been wanting a certain gift, or food or activity, share that with whoever is making plans for you. Maybe you want a family adventure, start planning now!

This is part of self care, creating your life and happiness so you aren’t dependent on others for fulfillment. People aren’t mind readers! One day a year should not be the only time you are taken care of and pampered, we need to be taking care of ourselves daily so our cup isn’t waiting there empty to be filled. If we are already fulfilled and content it makes it much easier to sit in gratitude for what people have chosen to do for us. So today start preparing for next week. If you are content with surprises and have no expectations great! However if you are sitting and hoping for others to create your perfect day maybe you need to be chatting with those people to give them a heads up.

Also turning your perspective outward and helping create a beautiful day for your own mom, mother in law and other mother figures by serving them is a wonderful way to live in gratitude and contentment.

You are valuable and worthy and remarkable! Do you believe that about yourself? If not do the work necessary to believe it. If you don’t believe, how do we expect others to believe it? You deserve to be pampered and cared for, do it for yourself every day. When you are a whole, fulfilled person not dependent on others to fulfill you and make you happy you can live in gratitude for the things others choose to do for you. You can get out of resentment and into contentment. I want so much for you to find happiness and joy, go claim it!

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