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Parents Rising!

Years ago I felt like I was in a deep dark pit when it came to parenting my children. We had many challenging behaviors and events happening and I was swept away into frustration and overwhelm. I was parenting from scarcity and fear.

Fast forward to today...our parenting issues aren't resolved, if anything they are more complicated than they were all those years ago. However I have learned and grown and studied and changed my mindset. I am now parenting from a place of clarity and confidence in spite of my circumstances.

I would love to help you rise from parenting in scarcity and overwhelm to clarity and connection. I am offering a parenting membership starting June 1st. I am gathering a village of like minded parents who want to grow and become a more confident and connected parent. This will be a supportive, nonjudgemental community. We will work on changing perspectives and working on our own mental health so we are better able to care for our family. It has such possibilities to bless you and your family.

Weekly I will share a 10-15 minute lesson that I teach via video. We will have weekly Q&A's, guest speakers, podcast/article club where we will discuss what we learn. Group coaching as well as discounted 1:1 coaching sessions with me, among other things!

If you register by June 1, you will lock in the founders pricing of 19.99 as long as you are in the group as well as a free 1:1 coaching session with me! Below is the link to register, after you register I will send an invoice. Come join this amazing community!

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